Our Acquisition Process

Review quickly, perform due diligence, and make a fair offer within days.

Our Process

Our no-nonsense process values your time and aims. We endeavor to positively conclude discussions as quickly as possible.

Step 1

Sellers complete our simple form.

Step 2

These details are posted to our internal discussion forums. If your business is interesting to our team, we'll reach out and invite you to discuss. If not, we'll let you know we aren't interested and delete your data.

Step 3

You will discuss the opportunity directly with our team, we'll ask questions, request extra detail and learn as much as we can about the business.

Step 4

We'll answer your questions, share our ideas, plans and aims for the business post acquisition.

Step 5

If everyone is in agreement, we'll make an offer for the business. Our offer will be concise, to the point and unambiguous.

Step 6

If you accept, we'll sign a Purchase Agreement, transfer assets, make sure everything is in order and make payment.